Brief Timeline: 1618 to 1625

  • 1618-1620
    Portuguese and allied Imbangala warriors invade and conquer Ndongo; 50,000 people are enslaved.
  • Late 1618 or Early 1619
    The São João Bautista leaves Luanda, Angola, carrying 350 enslaved Africans, and bound for Vera Cruz, Mexico. Approximately 150 Africans die during the voyage.
  • Spring or Summer 1619
    Captain Manuel Méndez de Acuña orders the São João Bautista to stop in Jamaica to “refresh”. There, he trades 24 enslaved children in return for supplies.
  • July 1619
    English privateers from White Lion and Treasurer attack the São João Bautista in the Bay of Campeche. They steal approximately 60 of the remaining Africans on board.
  • Late August 1619
    White Lion arrives at Point Comfort and trades around 30 Africans for supplies.
  • Late August? (a few days later), 1619
    Treasurer arrives at Point Comfort with additional enslaved Africans. The ship illicitly trades 2-3 of the captives, including Angelo, before sailing for Bermuda.
  • 30 August 1619
    The frigate Santa Ana arrives in Vera Cruz with the remaining 147 captives from the São João Bautista.
  • Late September or early October 1619
    White Lion leaves Virginia to return to Flushing.
  • March 1620
    A census lists 32 Africans in Virginia, 17 female and 15 male.
  • February 1624
    A census records 22 Africans in Virginia, including Anthony and Isabella at Elizabeth City, and Angelo at Jamestown.
  • 1624
    Anthony and Isabella’s son, William, is born and baptized.
  • January and February 1625
    A muster records 23 Africans living Virginia. This muster is the first record of William’s birth and baptism, as well as Angelo’s arrival on the Treasurer in 1619.

*For the larger timeline and more information please see “1619: Virginia’s First Africans”

Hampton History Museum Modified: 31 December 2019